Employment Opportunities

There are currently no openings at this time. Please check back later!

Send Applications To:

Oklahoma Lottery Commission
Attn: Human Resources
123 Robert S. Kerr
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
or email to 

Application Procedures
  • Download the Oklahoma Lottery Commission application. (PDF) 
  • Applications are accepted for specific vacancies only during the announcement period.
  • DO NOT substitute a resume in lieu of a Lottery Commission Employment Application.
  • Resumes should be attached as additional information, but the Lottery Commission Employment Application must be submitted to be considered a valid application.
  • Employment Applications must be complete and accurate to be considered.
  • If statements you are required to affirm in the application have been altered in the document you submit, your application will not be considered as valid.
  • Potential applicants must complete and submit all requested documentation listed on the respective job announcement within the designated timeframes.
  • Those who fail to comply with these application procedures may not be considered as valid applicants.
  • Enter on the application the title of the position for which you are applying when applying for a position(s).
  • Submit one application per announced position for which you are applying.
  • Please remember to keep a copy of your application, this will save you time and effort in submitting additional applications.